Voznet Unified Communication Server

Voznet UCS is a complete PBX system which is built on an open-source. We have developed this to be run on latest version of Linux with latest security updates / patches and provides the entire basic features that can be expected from a PABX and lot more.


Features for PABX Module

Allows the collaboration in real time and improves the productivity of the user and supervisors through Unified Communications.

Integration with CRM

Rich features like agent login/logout time, call Recording and call summary report.

Minimum hardware resource utilization

Can be deploy on virtual machine with very minimal hardware resources.

Detailed CDR

Call details report like calls per extension, calls per hour, breaks and many more.

Voznet provides its own in-house telephony solution, built on Asterisk and have been named as Voznet Unified Communication Server - UCS.

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Our Features

We make an enormous difference in your daily operations if you run a call center and they can be as important as your business phone service.


Extension mobility for remote user or agents on-the-go for ease.

Call Center Solution

Designed to manage incoming and outgoing call by an agent panel for easy to use and manage calls.


Provides number of logged in agents, extensions, call and duration, status, number of calls waiting in queue.

Agent Features

Provides 3-way call conferencing and call transfer, call hold, call parking, and call barging.

Call Recording

Records all incoming queue calls and outgoing call for supervisor to check real time performance of agents.

Statistical Reports

Provides multiple reports includes: general reports as well as call detailed reports for agent SLA.

Our Work

We aim to provides business software and solutions customized for your business.


UCS Login

Voznet Brings you “Voznet’s Telephony Solution & Unified Communication Server”.

UCS Dashboard

Easily manage and look for VM resources with Dashboard and running services.


Complete solution for hospitality i.e. Hotels and Hospitals.

Statistical Reports

Reports fetching solution includes campaigns, call details, breaks, agent login and logout time.

Operator console

Real-time view of users, see who is on a call and who is free.


Powerful automation, ticketing, leads, sales, opportunity management.

CRM PBX manager

CRM integration with UCS for real-time caller information and Click-to-call.

Ticket Management

Assists support executives in resolving customer issues as specified.

Voznet UCS is a powerful, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain, affordably priced phone system (PaBX, PBX). It includes all of the standard features you would expect in an IP PBX, plus Unified Communications capabilities like advanced voicemail messaging, instant messaging, call control, multi-party conferencing and advanced auto-attendant/IVR. While these capabilities are available in Asterisk, you must have the knowledge, skills, and time to turn them from programming scripts to functioning solutions. This solution Voznet IP PaBX is built on open-source to facilitate customers in Pakistan. Voznet UCS is offering PaBX / PBX solutions to local customers in Pakistan, having specialization in telephony solutions for businesses of all sizes. From PABX systems to SIP Trucking, we can tailor a package to suit all your telecommunication requirements. Our Voznet UCS PaBX / PBX Solutions has a range of PaBX systems and features, including traditional on-site PABXs or off-site Virtual PABXs using normal PSTN telephone lines, VoIP or hybrid. When it comes to business phones, finding the right solution to fit your business requirements can be difficult, so that’s why we like to customize a telephony solution to meet your needs with the help of Voznet UCS PaBX / PBX or a VoIP PaBX / PBX system, you can be sure we'll deliver.

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